Distillation of palinka requires huge attention and patience. Panyolai Szilvórium belongs to those distilleries where customers could follow the entire process – from the trees to the bottles.

1, Fruits

We do not have to go too far for ripe, beckoning and succulent fruits. Panyolai Szilvórium is located between a plum and an apple grove along the bank of River Old-Túr. Its microclimate and soil are distinctive. That is the reason why the taste of fruits yielded here than fruits elsewhere. Our palinkas are made from ten different kinds of fruit, the most famous ones are those with protected designation of origin (PDO), Szatmári Szilva (Plum palinka of Szatmár), and Szabolcsi Almapalinka (Apple palinka of Szabolcs).

2, Preparation

We pit the healthy, selected fruits. The grinded fruits are put into a vat. The controlled process of fermentation is monitored by a distiller. During fermentation, fructose turns into alcohol. This takes 2-3 weeks in summer when the weather is suitable. If the distiller makes sure that the mash is ready, it goes into a copper.

3, Distillation

The fermented mash is put in a copper. Under heat first vapor, then distillate forms. It is the hydro cooling that protects the mash from being burnt; the water of River Old-Túr is used for this. We heat it slowly just as grandmother heats soups. The result of the first distillation is called pre-spirit. At this stage the system works in 24 hours, and sweet fruit smell pervades the surroundings we have got used to during jam cooking.

4, Refining

The traditional way of palinka making, the so-called “kisüsti”, is a two-stage distillation process. At the second phase of distillation, at the refining, the pre-spirit and post-spirit have to be separated from the valuable mid-spirit. Only after simmering in mulberry barrels and attenuation get the mid-spirit its ultimate flavor. It is so extremely delicate process that it demands not just knowledge and experience, but refined smell, concentrated attention and special aptitude.

5, Bottling

After letting the spirit rest, it is poured into characteristic bottles. Bottling and labeling are both manufactural processes, the bottler touches an appealing Elixir bottle 8 times before it is locked in a carton. This is the last time the final product is checked to be immaculate and perfect. Each and every bottle is provided with a tax stamp which serves a guarantee for the original Panyolai Palinka at the same time.

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6, Tasting

You can taste Panyolai Palinka either on the romantic bank of River Old-Túr or in authentic environment, in the cosy House of Elixir with the furnishings of Szatmár. If you are Szatmár, make a brief visit to us. Apply for our guided distillery tour linked with tasting, and we invite you for a shot.

7, Trade

You can buy Panyolai Palinka in first-class restaurants and hotels, in palinka shops and in department stores in most parts of the country. We are regular participants of festivals and gastronomical events. However, you can also get the whole range of palinkas at reduced price in the sample store on the territory of Panyolai Szilvórium.