Elixir Quince

…is what it started with. Elixir means universal remedy in alchemy. This mystic material can do anything from turning base metals into gold through switching off problems up to creating an elixir of life conferring youth. It purges all imparities from us.

Though, mystery has surrounded the preparation of elixir through centuries. Magic, rituals, initiation. The secret of our Elixir is simpler. It is the centuries of unbroken tradition, our blessed natural capabilities like the rivers, the unique soil and climate, and the pursuit of perfection. This urge gives us wings. We do not just look, but see. It presents us unlimited, heroic energies. Our capabilities unfold, which is necessary for doing our duties.

Throughout the making of our Elixir palinkas, we pursuit of perfection: the bases of which are selected fruits, distillation with great attention, and letting the distillate rest in mulberry barrels. We are proud of these.

Elixír Birs (Elixir Quince)

Special flavour, the characteristic taste of the fruit felt for a long time, which is unforgettable.