Environmental Politics

Panyolai Szilvórium Ltd. feels and assumes obligation of forming the relationship between humanity and the environment, protecting the environment and ensuring sustainable development. Our distillery stands in a wonderful natural landscape on the bank of River Old-Túr, in the middle of the intact plain of Szatmár.

Here at the company environmental politics are not just a phrase, but an everyday practice. The water quality of the river is continuously monitored, the details are regularly analyzed and they are also checked in person as the riverbank is only a few steps away. The river is our life, part of our everyday life; the morning shift hears the whirring of waterfowls’ wings while the night shift starts in the music of frogs. Production goes in an environment friendly way, observing the related environmental regulations.

When developing our operations and infrastructure, we prefer solutions which cause less environmental burden, demand less energy and we are also continuously about to develop our environmental performance. We pay constant attention to avoid unusual events and the effects of them which would negatively affect the quality of our services or cause damages in the environment.