Responsible Alcohol Consumption

„Drink to Your health, but remain sober to always be able to think properly.”

As colleagues of Panyolai Szilvórium, we are committed to people’s motivation to responsible alcohol consumption and reduction of irresponsible consumption habits. We love life. We love the good, the fine and the true. If tasted soberly, pure, noble palinka is also pure pleasure. We hope you will taste it in joy, honour and the best company.

To whom?

To those who like it and who do not cause damage neither for themselves nor for others. We would never ever offer alcohol to children, pregnant women, those who are about to drive or people who are not allowed to consume alcohol because of any religious or medical reason.

How much?

Alcohol consumption has its own culture, past and tradition, however, its risk for public safety is not low. Somehow balance must be found. However, sober alcohol consumption has no measure. Its base is self-knowledge. A self-confident, responsible adult who has wide knowledge and self-confidnce does not need to be trained for this. Measure is the matter of individual deliberation, since everyone reacts to alcohol differently.
Drunken people often turn to be losers. If they are luckier, they only put themselves to shame. Let’s put on the gloss of the truth: alcohol consumption beyond measure can lead to crime, domestic violence and quarrelling, accidents and a high percentage of hospitals’ emergency attendance. One out of five women cannot recall what has happened to them when they were drunk.


Good products! Noble beverages made of clean fruit with proper thoughtfulness. Panyolai.