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Elixir Tastinghouse

The most beautifully located palinka distillery in Hungary offers a special adventure. Our guests can track the way of fruits from the tree to the bottle down, gain insight into the secrets of making palinkawith the assistance of an expert. To make the experience more complete: You can taste the most popular Elixir palinkas in the Elixir House of Panyola which stands on the bank of River Old-Túr and is unique for being approachable from the river, too. The secret behind the success of Panyolai Mézes (Panyolai with honey) will be revealed and there will bethe opportunity to taste the limitedly produced, commercially not available top palinkas. During the tasting of palinkas we offer delicious morsels from the oven and dishes of Szatmár. To sign for a distillery tour registration is needed in advance. During the tasting only organic, local products are served which have an origin no further than 50km. There are no fizzy sodas with sugar or aspart content, but rather bio apple spritzer (wine with soda water) and elderberry syrup with honey.


  • 4 types of palinka, snack (cheese plate, mangalica plate with bacon seasoned with paprika and sausage;
  • bread and goose-grease with onion), mineral water

Price: 4.445 HUF/person (3.500 HUF + ÁFA)


  • 6 types of palinka, snacks for the tasting,
  • abundant lunch or dinner Szatmár style,
  • mineral water

Price: 7.495 HUF/person (5.900 HUF + ÁFA)

Dishes to choose:

1, Kötött pasta soup (soup with knot-like pasta), Stuffed cabbage Szatmár style
2, Bean soup with cabbage and smoked trotters, Pancakes filled with plum jam seasoned with cinnamon and rum
3, Rich grey cattle goulash, Panyolai baba (twisted doughnut filled with pulp jam)

During the tasting the quantity of palinkas is 2cl.

Please ask for special offers for vegetarians.

Tastings can be booked for 6 people at least.

Elixir Tastinghouse

A room furnished with contemporary furniture of Szatmár with a unique, intimate mood. The room can be used both in summer and winter. Seating capacity: 60 people

Garden kiosks

There is seating capacity for 20-20 people both in the romantic chalet on the bank of River Old-Túr and the summer-house facing the river.

Our products can be purchased at a reduced price in the outlet of the Palinka Distillery. The opening hours of the Elixir House are flexible, but in case of distillery tours, tasting programs and other events written registration is needed in advance.

Registration and information:

Panyolai Szilvórium Zrt.
tel.: 06/30-937-1374
e-mail: marketing@panyolai.hu

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